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President's Message

"Primary Season is Here!"

And, it couldn't be easier to remember the date-- 6/6/06. As a club, it is our duty to educate our members about know who is running for Republican office without showing favoritism. Therefore, our May 18th lunch meeting at Holder's will feature the following candidates:

  • - Judge Delores Carr (running for District Attorney)
  • - Jim Shore (running for District Attorney)
  • - Peter Soule, Central Committee, Supervisorial District #4)
  • - Kathy Kerber, Central Committee, Supervisorial District #4
    (I will not present, but wanted you to know that I'll also be on the ballot)

This should be a high energy meeting, don't miss it!

For those of you who were unable to attend April's evening meeting at Hong Fu (only 14 people attended), you really missed an enlightening presentation and conversation with our speaker, Tom Del Beccaro. Our meeting format was altered to better accommodate the small number of people. We shared a large round table in the back of the restaurant and listened as Tom described his vision for building our party in California. His premise is that most Californians share "Republican" beliefs on to taxes, immigration reform, criminal penalties, etc. If we talk more about our shared beliefs, we will have much less disagreement, even within our own party.

Check out the following article on his web site, to read more: CA is More Republican Than You Think"

One note regarding the low attendance at the April meeting. As a club, we are striving to grow our membership and attract younger members, many of whom work during the day. The best way to do this is for you to invite a younger friend/acquaintance to an evening meeting. Those of us on the Board are working hard to attract high-energy speakers with interesting perspectives that will motivate younger women to get involved. We all need to work together to bring about expansion in our membership and continue to fulfill our "brand" in SCC--WVRW is the club that you can trust to get things done! Rather than talk about it, like Nike says, let's "just do it"! Enjoy the primary season and may the best candidates win!

Katherine Kerber